Buffalo Meat

Buffalo meat will cook more quickly than other red meats as it has less fat; on average it takes a third less time to cook.

For maximal tenderness cook to reach internal temperatures of 135F for rare, or 145F for medium rare. When barbequeing or pan frying buffalo meat, sear with a high heat to seal in the juices, then continue cooking on a lower heat to the desired finish

The best oven temperature is at 275F. Preheat your oven. To insure the most desirable results, use a meat thermometer. In general, you can plan on the roast taking the same amount of time or less than beef would at higher tempreture.

Stir fry is an excellent method for cooking buffalo. Cut the meat into small strips or cubes. Be sure to use just a drop of olive oil or a polyunsaturated oil to coat the pan. Remember, buffalo cooks quickly, so be sure to have your stir fry vegetables ready to toss in the wok. Heat the oil only enough to sear the meat, tossing it quickly around, then add your other ingredients. Proceed as the recipe follows, but keep the heat down.